Azerbaijan’s Election Code includes provisions of international law

Azerbaijan’s Election Code includes provisions of international law

In an interview with, head of the Constitution Research Foundation Alimammad Nuriyev highlighted Azerbaijan’s electoral legislation and the country’s experience in this field. presents the interview:

-Alimammad muallim, how do you think does Azerbaijan’s current electoral legislation allow holding of fair and democratic elections?   

- Yes, I think that Azerbaijan’s Election Code includes the relevant provisions of international law. It is possible to hold fair and democratic elections in accordance with the existing electoral legislation. Of course, new challenges make permanent improvements necessary. However, from a conceptual point of view, the Election Code provides for shaping of a democratic legal basis and complies with international law.

-Presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections have repeatedly been held in Azerbaijan during the years of independence. How do you asses the electoral experience gained over these years?
- I think that a rich electoral experience has been formed in Azerbaijan. As you mentioned, a number of presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections have been held in the years of independence. A great number of elections have also been held after the adoption of a New Election Code. Based on the experience, amendments were made to electoral legislation. Apart from that, various changes are also proposed. Everyone can make certain arguments. The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights also makes some recommendations based on the experience of the election observation mission. Effective recommendations are always considered. There is also a precedent of ignoring some recommendations. This is due to the fact that Azerbaijan uses its sovereign right in the formation of national legislation. The main issue is the application of the principles of holding democratic elections, which has always been a key priority in Azerbaijan’s election experience.

There have been and will be different opinions about the elections. This is natural. Someone may voice criticism or make proposals. At the same time, I can underline that the activities of the election body in accordance with the Election Code and the necessary steps taken based on its long-term experience in the course of elections have resulted in the timely prevention of negative cases.