Akif Ashirli: “citizen journalism is also actively involved in the election campaign”

Akif Ashirli: “citizen journalism is also actively involved in the election campaign”

In an interview with secki-2020.az, well-known journalist, founder and editor-in-chief of the "Sharq" (East) newspaper Akif Ashirli shared his views on the pre-election environment and campaign in our country. We present the interview.


- Mr. Ashirli, the parliamentary elections will be held on February 9. How do you assess the pre-election environment?

- I consider the electoral environment is quite normal at the initial stage. I have not encountered any reports of serious problems, illegal incidents or actions in the registration of candidates. In other words, at the initial stage, the processes are going smoothly.

Azerbaijan enjoys social-political stability. Of course, it plays an important role in ensuring the electoral process is conducted in accordance with democratic values. I would like to note that the election campaign is conducted not only through traditional media, but also social networks. Citizen journalism also actively participates in this process.

-  The pre-election campaign has already started. The candidates hold meetings with voters. They distribute propaganda materials through mass media involving in paid pre-election campaign. We would love to hear your thoughts on this process.


-     All conditions have been created in our country for holding free, and fair elections in accordance with the requirements of the Election Code. I believe that the pre-election campaign, one of the most important stages of the election process, is also organized according to the requirements of the legislation.


Once again I would like to note that in this election, social networks are also involved in the election campaign. In addition to organizing meetings with voters and using the opportunities of the mass media, candidates benefit from social network resources as well.


“Sharg” newspaper also appealed to the CEC to participate in paid pre-election campaign. We have set our rates according to pages. At the same time, we have created opportunities for campaigning on the newspaper's website.


Unlike previous elections, these elections are more important to us, because many of the journalists we know have joined the election process. Participation of our colleagues in the election process allows us to say that social control and observation missions will be implemented on a much larger scale.

I think the election process is going normally and will be successfully completed.